Open a new register shift in Shopify POS


Register tracking is available only if you're using the Retail Upgrade.

You can create a Shopify POS register shift in either of two ways:

  • manually, if you want to specify the initial cash float for the register shift

  • automatically, if you want Shopify to use the expected cash sum in the cash drawer as the float for the next register shift.

Opening a register shift manually


You can have only one register shift open at a time on each iPad device.

If you create a new register shift manually, you'll be able to enter a value for your cash float. The cash float is the amount of money initially provided in the cash register so that staff can make change for cash payments.

To open a new register shift manually:

  1. On your iPad, go to the Shopify POS app Register Shifts screen.

  2. Tap the Add button (a plus sign.)

    Add shift button fixed

  3. The Open Shift pop-up opens. If you have cash tracking enabled in your register settings, you'll see a field for the Float Amount. Type in the value of your cash float.

    Open register fixed

  4. Type in a note if necessary.

  5. Tap Done. The register shift will remain open until you manually close it.

    Register shift created fixed

Opening register shifts automatically

If you've closed a register shift and you don't open another before processing the next order, Shopify opens a new register shift automatically.

Automatic shifts without cash tracking

If you don't have cash tracking enabled in your register settings, you'll see this message when the first transaction in the new register shift is completed:

Register shift created fixed

Automatic shifts with cash tracking enabled

If you have cash tracking enabled in your register settings, the calculated cash balance at the close of the previous register shift is used as the float (or opening) amount. If there was no previous register shift (this is the first one for your store) the float is set to $0.

The message you see will be similar to this:

Auto shift float fixed

If you don't accept cash payments

If you don't accept cash payments, you can turn off cash tracking in your register settings. This means you won't have to provide a cash float amount during a register shift. Your register shift will continue to track all sales made using other payment methods, provided that you've enabled the Open/Close Shifts option in your register settings.

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