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Variants are the individual styles of a product in your store. If you have a product that your customers would choose in a different size, color, or with add-ons, you should list that product with a variant.

Add variants to a product Add variants to a product.
Add additional variants to a product Add more variants to a product.
Edit Variant Details Set prices, inventory options, and shipping attributes for each variant.
Delete Variants Remove a variant from a product.

Add variants to a product

Any product can have variants to distinguish a product's different styles. If you do not add variants when creating the product, you can always add them later.

To add variants to a product:

  1. Select or create a product.

  2. In the Pricing, Inventory, and Shipping section, click Add variants to begin adding variants.

    Product create variant

  3. Create variants by selecting an Option Name, and setting Option Values. Variants will automatically be created for each option name and value combination.

    Option Name The name of the aspect that is different between variants, such as size or color. Click on Size to see common option names, or type to enter a custom option name.
    Option Value The specific differentiation between variants, such as which size or color. Type each option value, using a comma to separate different values.

  4. Once you have set one or more option values, you can set a different Price, SKU, and Barcode for each variant.

    Create size variants

  5. Click Add another option to add additional options to your product, or click Save product to finish.

Add additional variants to a product

If you need to add additional variants to a product, you must do this on a variant by variant basis. You can add Option Names or Option Values to a product.

Add an Option Name An Option Name differentiates the variants.
Add Option Values An Option Value is a specific differentiation between variants.

Add an Option Name

  1. Select a product to add variants to it.

  2. In the Variants section of the product page, click Edit options.

    Show edit options

  3. Click Add another option.

  4. Enter an option name, or select a common option name from the drop-down menu.

  5. Enter one option value. This will apply to all of your current variants.

    Add option name

  6. Add option values as needed, or click Save product to finish.

Add option values

  1. Select a product to add variants to it.

  2. In the Variants section of the product page, click Add a variant.

    Show add variant

  3. On the Add a Variant page, enter the Option Values for the new variant.

    • Option Values must be unique for each variant.
    • You must create a variant for every possible combination of option values. Any missing combination will not be available for purchase.
    • Variants are not automatically created for each option.

  4. Enter the Pricing, Inventory, and Shipping information for the new variant.

    Add a variant


    You can show different product images for each variant with Variant Images.

  5. Click the link at the top of the variant menu to return to the product page.

    Back to product

Edit Variant Details

To edit your variants inline, click the option values, SKU, Price or Inventory in the Variants section.

To make more detailed edits to a variant, click Edit to view the variant details and change any aspect of variant.

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