Edit product tags

A tag is a keyword you assign to your product. Tags describe a property of your product. Tags are useful for customers because they can use these keywords to search for specific products through your storefront search.


Unfortunately, product tags won’t help with google hits or help rank your store higher in search engines. To improve your SEO, check out our page on Shopify store SEO.

The easiest way to add tags to a product is when you're creating a product for the first time. To do so, check out our tutorial on Adding Products.

You can also edit tags after you've already created a product. You can add new tags, or delete ones you no longer want associated with your product.

Edit product tags

  1. From your shop admin, go to the Products page.

  2. From the product page, click on the product that you would like to edit. This will take you to the product info page.

  3. Scroll down to the Tags section. The tags associated with your product are listed in the editable text box. The tags that appear below the editable text box are all the tags used in your shop. The tags currently associated with your product appear in faded text. To add a tag to your product from that list, click on the tag.


  4. You can also edit the text field directly if you want to add a new tag that has not been used before. To add new tags, type them in the text box with each distinct tag separated by commas.

  5. Click Save.

Delete product tags

Too many tags causing navigation issues for you website? If you have a surplus of tags, it can make your store layout messy. Your tags begin to act like collections within collections, which can be confusing for your customers. If this is the case, you can easily delete some of your product tags.

To delete tags:

You can visit the product info page of each product and remove all tags associated with it. Once a tag is no longer used by any product in your shop, it is automatically purged from the system and will no longer show up anywhere.

If you have too many products to delete each set of tags manually, you can export your products as a .csv file, edit that .csv file in your spreadsheet program, remove all text in the Tags column, save, and re-import with the option 'overwrite existing products' selected.

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