Setting up email forwarding

Settings → Domains

If you bought a domain from Shopify

Shopify does not provide email hosting. However, if you buy a domain name from Shopify, you can set up an unlimited number of forwarding email addresses (for example, for free. Emails sent to an email forward will go to its destination email automatically.

All new email addresses must be forwarded to an existing email address. You can set up multiple forwards to go to different email addresses.

Set up email forwarding

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Online Store, then click Domains (or press G W D):

    Click Online Store then Domains

  2. Click the root domain name you want to set up email forwarding for.

    Click domain name

  3. Click Add an email to set up an email forward.

    Domain details no forward

  4. In the New email address field, type in the email address you'd like to create on your custom domain. You don't need to type the @ symbol or anything that follows it.

  5. In the Forwards to field, type in your full destination email address. This should be the email address you read most often. For example:

    Add email modal

  6. Click Add email forward.

You can create as many forwarding email addresses as you like in this way.

Test your email forwarding

To test your email forwarding, send a test mail from a different email address to each of the forwarding addresses that you've created.


Do not send test mails from any of your forwarding email addresses.

Forwarding your mail from your third-party domain provider

Often, third-party domain registrars will include email hosting on the domain. You can set up email forwarding from the domain after you've claimed it in Shopify.

Methods for forwarding mail from third-party domains to your own email address vary, and it's impossible to give specific instructions for every domain provider.

In each case, your goal is to get the mail from your third-party domain redirected to your own email host. You'll probably have to do one of the following:

  • Log in to your third-party account admin and use their interface to add your email address or edit your MX records.
  • Contact your provider for help with email forwarding. Tell them you need all your mail forwarded to your other (preferred) email address.

When email hosting isn't included by your third-party provider

Generally, email hosting isn't included when you buy your domain from a third-party provider. In this situation, you will need to use a third-party email hosting service.

We suggest the following options:


Choosing one of these options means you might have to configure MX records with your domain provider.

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