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Using Rich Pins with Pinterest


If you want to create Buyable Pins for your products on Pinterest, you need to add the Pinterest sales channel in your Shopify admin.

Shopify integrates with Pinterest's Rich Pins to show up-to-date pricing and inventory information on Pins for products from your Shopify store. You can easily turn your Rich Pins into Buyable Pins by adding the Pinterest sales channel in your Shopify admin.

Using Rich Pins can help build your business in some great ways:

  • Click-through rate – On average, Shopify stores receive a 70% increase in traffic from Pinterest after they enabled Rich Pins.

  • Discoverability – Your products' Rich Pins become eligible for Pinterest’s own curated categories. The “Gifts” feed, for example, considers only Rich Pins for inclusion.

  • Price notifications – If you reduce the price of your product or run a sale, customers who repinned your products receive an email from Pinterest notifying them of the price drop and prompting them to buy.

To start using Rich Pins, you need to create a Pinterest business account, and connect it with your Shopify admin.

Create a Pinterest Business Account

If you already have a personal Pinterest account, you can convert it to a business account at Make sure you complete steps 2-5 below as well.

To create a new business account on Pinterest:

  1. Go to to sign up.
  2. Enter the info that's required and agree to Pinterest's terms of service. Make sure to enter the Primary Domain of your Shopify store at this step — you can find it on the Online Store > Domains page in your Shopify Admin:

    Rich pins x1

  3. Back in Pinterest, click Create Account. You'll be prompted to pick 5 boards to get started.

  4. After you've chosen your boards, you'll be presented with Pinterest's Get Started page:

    Rich pins 1

  5. Your website should now be marked as Verified. Go ahead and start Pinning!


It may take up to 24 hours for new Rich Pins to appear, and up to a week for older Pins to be converted into Rich Pins.


I followed the instructions but my Pins still appear normally

  • If you recently created your Shopify store, it may take up to a month to have your account verified (we’re trying to decrease this). Until your account is verified, you won't be able to use Rich Pins for your Shopify products. To speed up the verification process, you can manually verify your Pinterest account using a meta tag. Follow this link for instructions.

  • Your store needs to meet the Pinterest Terms & Conditions to be verified - Learn more ›

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