Integrating Social media with your Shopify store

If you're not using social media on your website, you're missing a huge opportunity to maximize the potential of your business. When they're online, people spend more time using social media than anything else. They share ideas, information and opinions with everyone in their network, and word travels fast. Grab some of that momentum for your own store, and get people talking about you.

Before you try any of the customizations shown here, make sure you understand what level of support to expect.

Supported customizations

We can give you help if you have trouble with supported customizations. You can chat, email, or call us anytime.

Unsupported customizations

Unsupported customizations fall outside the scope of our support service. This means that we’re not able to help you if you run into problems. The good news is that we’ve classified each tutorial according to its level of difficulty, to help you decide whether to attempt it on your own. There’s also a growing community on our forums - you’ll often find friendly and helpful advice there.

You could also consider hiring a Shopify Expert to do your customizations for you.

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