How to use the Shopify App Store

There are literally hundreds of apps to choose from in the Shopify App Store. While this may seem overwhelming at first, it’s easy to pick the right app for your store by narrowing it down.

First, ask yourself a few questions:

  • What does my store need outside of Shopify’s core features?
  • What would increase my sales (ie. better SEO, marketing, scheduled store sales, etc)?
  • What would make managing my store easier? (ie. bulk print shipping labels,)
  • How much do I want to spend on apps?

Once you’ve decided what kind of app you need, you can look for options in the Shopify App Store. Just roll your curser over the app graphic for a short description of exactly what they’ll do for your store.

In the App Store, you can search for apps by price, by newest Apps, or by category.

Searching for Apps

This is the easiest way to find the apps you want. If you know the name, keywords, or function of the app you want, type it into the search bar in the Shopify App Store, and voila!

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App categories

Shopify Apps are organized by general function (Marketing, Reporting, etc.), which you can find under the Category tab in the App Store.

By default, the Apps within each category are sorted by popularity, but you can change this and sort them by release-date by selecting Newest in the Sort by drop-down menu.

You can also sort Apps by price. To see all the free apps in a certain category, select the Price tab and then click Free.

App collections

The Shopify App Collections are hand-picked by Shopify as some of the best tools to help you launch, grow and manage your online business. The selections are based on Apps that are useful for shops in different stages of growth.

Our choices for these Collections are backed up by data – the apps we select for each group are the most used and loved by successful merchants in each specific stage of their business.  

Because new Apps arrive all the time, collections are subject to change every now and then.

Shopify Blog & Newsletter

To learn more about which apps would add great new features to your store, check out the monthly “App Store Showcase” feature on the Shopify Blog.

We also include a section in every monthly Shopify Newsletter describing all the best new apps of the month, and how each one could be useful to you.

Installing an App

Once you’ve found the App you want, you can install it to your store by clicking the large blue Install App button on the App's page.

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