You can use the search variable with the following templates: search.liquid.

The liquid variable search has the following attributes:

{% if search.performed %}
  {{ search.results }}
{% endif %}

Returns "true" if search terms were entered in the search box.

{% for item in search.results %}      
<li class="clearfix">
  <h3>{{ item.title | link_to: item.url }}</h3>
  {% if item.featured_image %}
  <div class="result-image">
    <a href="{{ item.url }}" title="{{ item.title | escape }}">
      {{ item.featured_image.src | product_img_url: 'small' | img_tag: item.featured_image.alt }}
  {% endif %}
  <span>{{ item.content | strip_html | truncatewords: 40 | highlight: search.terms }}</span>        
{% endfor %}

Returns a list of any matches found within the store's product pages and content pages. You can loop through each item in the search.items list.

{% if search.results.size > 0 %}
  {{ search.results_count }}{{ search.results_count | pluralize: 'result', 'results' }}
{% endif %}

Returns the number of results found.

<span>{{ item.content | strip_html | truncatewords: 40 | highlight: search.terms }}</span>

Returns the string that was entered in the search input box.

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