Manually open a new register shift in Shopify POS

If you are manually opening a register shift and you accept cash payments for orders, your first entry should be for the cash float. The cash float is the amount of cash available for a staff member to use to make change for a customer paying for their order in cash.

All sales and refunds are tracked here. You can view each payment and verify them against each order.

At the close of a staff member's shift, an expected cash balance will be calculated based on all of the cash transactions that occured during their shift. The expected balance should match the amount of cash that is present in the cash drawer. This holds the staff member accountable for any missing money.


If you do not accept cash payments, there is an option in the Settings > Register screen that allows you to turn cash tracking OFF. You will no longer be required to provide a cash float amount when you open a register shift.

To open a new register shift:

  1. On the Register screen, tap the Add button.

  2. In the "Open Shift" pop-up, type in the amount for the cash float.


  3. Type in a note (if necessary).

  4. Tap Done.



You can only have one register shift open at a time on each iPad device.

A register shift will remain open until you manually close it. Learn how to close a register shift.

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