Buying a domain name through Shopify

Shopify makes it easy to buy and set up a custom domain. All the configuration is done for you, and your custom domain setup is completed automatically.

Why buy a domain through Shopify?

Buying a custom domain name through Shopify really is your easiest option.

In addition to your custom root domain, you'll get:

  • two pre-configured subdomains:

  • optional access to full DNS configuration, in case you need to make changes manually. For example, you can add more subdomains if you need to.

  • one year of exclusive use, automatically renewed until you cancel your domain or Shopify store

  • unlimited email forwarding accounts for your domain name.

Shopify resells custom domains to you from a domain name wholesaler called OpenSRS, which is a branch of the parent company Tucows Inc. This means that when you buy a domain through the Shopify admin panel, you are in fact registering the domain with OpenSRS. They give you the credentials you need to log in and manage your domain settings if you want to.

If you need to know more about domains in general, take a look at Understanding domains.

What do Shopify's custom domains cost?

Custom domains purchased through Shopify start at $9 USD per year. There are over 50 domains to choose from, so we grouped them into three types of domains:

Common Domains

Domain extension Price
.biz $9
.com $9
.info $9
.net $9
.org $9

Country Domains

Domain extension Price
.be $9
.ca $14
.co $24 $9
.eu $9
.in $14
.it $14
.me $19
.nl $9
.tv $34
.us $9
.ws $19

Premium Domains

Domain extension Price
.bargains $33
.bid $22
.bike $33
.blackfriday $44
.boutique $33
.camera $33
.cards $33
.cheap $33
.christmas $44
.clothing $33
.coffee $33
.computer $33
.diamonds $50
.equipment $22
.expert $50
.fish $33
.florist $33
.gift $22
.glass $33
.guitars $33
.house $33
.kitchen $33
.lighting $22
.plumbing $33
.repair $33
.rocks $17
.sexy $22
.shoes $33
.supplies $22
.supply $22
.tattoo $33
.technology $22
.tools $33
.toys $33
.trade $22
.training $33
.watch $33

How do I buy a domain name through Shopify?

  1. From your shop admin, go to the Settings > Domains page


  2. Click the Buy domain button in the top right of your screen.


    A new window will appear with the title "Add a domain". By default, the Register a new domain name option is selected.

  3. In the editable text box, type in the domain name you'd like.


  4. In the drop down menu pick an extension (e.g. .com/.ca, etc.).


  5. Click Check availability.

    If the domain name you want is available, a new screen called "Register a New Domain Name" will appear.

  6. Read the ICAAN policy and Domain Registration Agreement. Check off the box next to "I have read and agree to the ICAAN policy and Domain Registration Agreement."


  7. Click the Confirm purchase button.

You should receive an email with some additional information about your newly registered domain. We’ve even set up some subdomains for you. Now customers can find you through:

Do I still own the domain if I leave Shopify?

Shopify domains are sold by OpenSRS, but you own the domain name and it remains under your name until the domain expires.


A domain purchased through Shopify must be hosted with OpenSRS for the first 60 days and cannot be transferred in this timeframe.

If you wish to keep your domain after leaving Shopify, you can easily do so using Hover can transfer your domain over within 24-48 hours, as it shares the same platform as OpenSRS.

Follow this link to learn more about transferring your OpenSRS domain →

Do I have to keep renewing my domain every year?

All domains registered though Shopify are renewed automatically, and the charges are added to your Shopify invoice. If you don't want to renew a domain, turn off the renewal using the OpenSRS web interface. The domain will disappear when it expires.

How can I check if my domain is set up properly?

You can always check if your settings are correct by going to and checking what your A records and CNAME Records are for your unique domain.

How can I edit my name servers?

The name servers associated with your domain control who hosts your domain name. They're unrelated to using a custom domain on your Shopify store.

Name servers are formatted like this:,


You should edit name servers only when moving a domain to a new host, not when pointing an outside domain to your Shopify store.

You won't need to edit name servers if:

  • you've purchased your domain from Shopify
  • you're using a custom domain name on your Shopify store.

How can I make this the primary domain for my shop?

Once you've bought your domain through Shopify, it can take up to 48 hours for your DNS configuration to be fully propagated. After this time, you can enable your new domain as the primary domain name for your shop.

Email Verification (required)

As part of a new requirement from the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) you'll be required to verify your email address with our domain provider, OpenSRS within 15 days of purchasing the domain. If you don't, the domain name will be suspended until the time you verify your information. It only takes a few clicks, though – here's how:

An email with the subject "VERIFICATION REQUIRED..." containing a verification link will be delivered to the email address that was entered when buying the domain. By default this is the Shopify account owner's email, but it can be changed when buying the domain. After you've found and opened the email:

  1. Click the link that begins with ""

  2. If clicking the link does not work, copy+paste the text of the link into a web browser's address bar.

  3. Follow the instructions of the email including:

    • Agree to the Terms and Conditions
    • Click Submit.
  4. After confirming your email address, your Domains settings page will now show that the Status is OK.


Can you resend the email notification with my verification link, please?

Don't see the email in your inbox? Be sure to check your junk mail. Keep in mind that the email containing a verification link will be delivered to the email address that was entered when buying the domain. By default this is the Shopify account owner's email, but it can be changed when buying the domain.

You can resend the email as many times as you need by doing the following:

  1. Click to the Domains settings page of the admin

  2. Click Manage beside the domain that says "Action Required"


  3. Click Verify email address


  4. Click Resend verification email.


  5. Check your email inbox for the instructions.

  6. Proceed with Steps 1-4 of email verification above.

Next steps

  1. Now you can choose your primary domain. Why do I need a primary domain? Check out this resource.

  2. You can also setup email forwarding addresses for your domain name, if you like.

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