Deploy your app to Heroku

Note: Heroku is an online platform for building, deploying and running apps in the cloud. You can manage your app through the Heroku command line and deploy your code using git.

Before Creating and Deploying Your App to Heroku

  • Become familiar with git. To deploy your Shopify application to Heroku, you will need to use git. Unfamiliar with git? Learn how to use it through this tutorial: Easy Version Control with Git.
  • Learn the basics about the ActiveResource::Base class. Read the ActiveResource:Base API page and bookmark it for future reference. Do not skip these sections: Automated mapping, Lifecycle methods, Authentication, Public Class methods, and Public Instance methods.
  • Watch these two Railscasts. To get comfortable with ActiveResource, watch: ActiveResource Basics and More on ActiveResource.
  • Browse the Shopify API.
  • Authenticate your App with OAuth 2.0. Learn more about OAuth2 and Authentication.

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